Born in 1990, Warsaw based visual artist. He started as a film photography enthusiast, mostly taking pictures of skateboarding culture and friends around. Along with first commercial works his range of interests started to broaden and headed into digital photography. As he was always passionate about doing big things, he didn't stop there and he smoothly moved to film making, where he is constantly experimenting with ways and forms. He has already created his own, very distinguished style, which makes his works eye-catchy and memorable.

Worked with clients such as:
KFC, Mastercard, National Geographic, Desperados, IKEA, 4F, Lech Free, Taranko, Diverse, Reserved, CCC

Gold KTR 2017
Silver Effie 2019

Publications in :
Vogue Poland (online), Vogue Paris, CAP 74024, K-mag, Show me your ufo zine, Nakid magazine, Kink magazine

+48 795 958 020 

Warsaw, PL based
fot. Grzegorz Pastuszak